Case turns to Homicide- TPD thanks local media partners

The most recent case of an aggravated kidnapping had the TPD reaching out to our local media partners to use more resources than usual. The TPD would like to thank our local media partners- Capital Journal, KSNT, WIBW and Lamar Advertising for pushing the word out in an attempt to locate Ms. Vazquez.

Rosalyn Loves stops by TPD

Little Rosalyn is only 7 years old but has a heart as big as Texas! Having seen the nationwide violence taking place against law enforcement, Rosalyn told her mother she wanted to go across the country and give cops hugs to show she cares. And that is exactly what they are doing- having traveled to 12 states so far they came to visit the TPD and the Shawnee County Sheriff today. Thank you Rosalyn- your mother and your family for supporting your mission.

New Safety Tip (in Spanish)

Summer has arrived and temperatures are steadily rising. Please do not leave your children or pets in a vehicle. Do not leave them inside your vehicle when it is parked.
Then check your car before closing it.
Always check big areas where your children can hide.
If you see children in a car without adults, call 911 immediately. Together we can make Topeka the safest city in the United States.

Meanwhile in the TPD Academy….

New TPD recruits learn a wide variety of information. From Constitutional Law to how to direct traffic and from learning how to control a combative person to controlling an emergency vehicle.

Today, Emergency Management presented information introducing the concepts of an Incident Command System and how it is used in every day situations.