Field Operations Bureau

East/West Patrol: The east and west patrol divisions each have three shifts that cover the entire day. The starting times for the shifts are staggered so that personnel are always patrolling the city along with supervisory personnel. The city is divided into twelve patrol territories that are filled 24 hours per day. These commanders are responsible for thousands of calls for service from the community and front line fleet of vehicles that often are driven on all three shifts each day. Each officer must maintain assigned equipment, uniforms and weapon(s). These divisions work with other divisions as well to solve and prevent crime.

Community Policing: The east and west patrol commands are each assigned a Community Policing Unit that consists of commanders, officers, and supervisors. The Community Policing Unit works closely with Field Operations officers and are given the flexibility to devote time to specific neighborhood problems that require a dedicated officer to accomplish. These officers also work with Neighborhood Associations and Safe Streets and attend many meetings and functions hosted by various community groups.

Canine Unit: The Canine Unit assists with the Topeka Police Department’s goal of crime reduction. The K9 sense of smell is second to none in locating illegal narcotics and or explosives. The K9 can track humans who have fled crime scenes on foot. They can also be used to search buildings and apprehend violent criminals who are hiding or trying to flee.