Beyond the Badge – Officers Alexander Wall and Luke Jones

Beyond The Badge – Officers Alexander Wall and Luke Jones

Brothers and TPD Officers Wall and Jones were born in Ipswich, England. When he was very young, Officer Wall moved to Topeka with their father where he attended Hayden and Topeka High schools. After high school, he attended Washburn University and Mid-America Nazarene Universities where he studied history.
In 2008 he joined the Topeka Police Department saying he’d always had an interest in law enforcement, but it was the influence of the Gogian family that really encouraged him to apply. Since joining the department he has worked in patrol, as a Field Training Officer, as a Community Policing Officer, and is a member of the Peer Support Team.
He says the best part of being an officer is the community interactions. He feels that by gaining a better understanding of the community he serves, he has a better chance of making a real difference. It’s important to him to influence and make his community stronger and a safer place to live.
When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and brother, and especially golfing.

Officer Luke Jones remained in Ipswich, England with their mother until 2008 when he moved to Topeka to join his brother. It was at that time that he met the Gogians and although he had always been interested in law enforcement, they influenced his decision to join the department.
He joined the Topeka Police Department in 2011 and has worked in patrol, traffic, the Bike Unit, and as part of the PT Team. For him, he says working in law enforcement is a satisfying way to give back to the community he has come to consider his home. He enjoys that each day is different and allows him to serve in lots of different ways, especially being a part of the Bike Unit. He likes knowing that they are visible and easy to approach, and that it gives him ample opportunity to interact with the kids in the community.
When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and brother, and working out.

The TPD is grateful to the two brothers for all their hard work and dedication not just to the department, but the Topeka community as a whole. Thank you for your service!walljones

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