Beyond the Badge – Detective Claude Harrison

Beyond The Badge – Detective Claude Harrison

Detective Harrison grew up in Topeka and attended Topeka High. After high school he joined the US Army where he was a part of Operation Just Cause and received many badges, medals, and ribbons. After he got out of the Army he joined the National Guard where he served for five years.

In 1993 he joined the Topeka Police Department Reserves, and in 1996, joined us full time. Since then, he has worked in Patrol, Hit and Run, on the Defensive Tactics Team, and most recently in Detectives.

He says for him, being a police officer is a family thing. His dad was a Major with TPD, and when DET. Harrison graduated from the academy, his dad pinned his badge for him. From a young age, his parents and grandparents instilled in him a strong work ethic and deep respect for law enforcement. He says it’s very important to him to make his community stronger. He’s always wanted to protect others, stating that he has no tolerance for bullies.

When he’s not busy at work, DET. Harrison enjoys spending time with his family, practicing martial arts, and cheering on his kids in their various sports activities.

One of DET. Harrison’s favorite childhood stories is that he knew from a very young age that he either wanted to be a Police Officer or Spider-Man. Once he figured out he couldn’t be Spider-Man, he knew he would become an officer and we’re certainly glad he did. DET. Harrison is a wonderful asset to our department and the Topeka community. Thank you for your dedication and service!claude

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