OK program students put best foot forward

The OK Program of Topeka has been highlighted before because it is doing amazing things- TPD OFC Bell is currently the coordinator and has a large group of community men who dedicate their time and skills to mentor the students in the program.
How is that working? the program works with approximately 40 boys in middle school. There is criteria to enter the program and OFC Bell has found those that have participated have improved in nearly every area of school and personal life! Grades have been raised, school discipline has gone down and the mentors can begin to see pride in each young man.
So much that recently the group of students told the mentors they wanted to learn how to dress professionally, beginning with how to tie a tie. It has gone far beyond that now- not only have they learned how to tie their ties, but dress shirts have been donated to the group and so have haircuts! They are exuding confidence and pride now and there is nothing stopping them from accomplishing any goal they set before them-wonderful things are happening!

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