Click it or Ticket Completed

Click it or Ticket Campaign Completed
During the Click It or Ticket Campaign just completed, the Topeka Police Department conducted overtime saturation patrols to aggressively enforce Kansas occupant restraint, texting, impaired driving, and other traffic laws. During the campaign, officers wrote 433 safety belt citations, 5 child restraint citations, 19 speeding citations, 0 texting while driving citations, and [ ] other citations and arrests, including 8 DUI arrests. Other citations written included: Interlock device required – 1 Refuse PBT – 1
Open container – 2 Drugs – 4
Misdemeanor warrants – 3 Speeding – 19
DL Violations – 16 No insurance – 6
Equipment violations – 16 Tag violations – 8
Other charges – 18
A total of 367 persons were contacted
Stops and tickets are primarily meant to teach. If you were stopped, you, hopefully, learned from your experience. If so, we have made the roads a little safer for you and those you share the road with. We will continue to do that because, while the Click It or Ticket campaign may be over, traffic enforcement never is.”
Click It or Ticket was supported by a grant to the Topeka Police Department from the Kansas Department of Transportation.
Contact: SGT Lam

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