Behind the Badge – Cadet Caitlyn Cochran


Cadet Cochran grew up in Topeka, graduated from Hayden Catholic High School, and is currently attending Washburn University.

She says she always looked up to her dad, Major Bill Cochran and all the hard work he has done at the Topeka Police Department. He was a big influence for her wanting to pursue a career in law enforcement.

She joined the Explorers post at the Topeka Police Department in August 2013 and was in it until she became a Cadet with the department in June 2016. The program influenced her to pursue a career towards Law Enforcement, stating she had some great officers who led the Explorers program. Through the program she was able to go on ride alongs with officers who became like older brothers to her and some of her closest friends.

In the past 6 months she has had the opportunity to spend time in a couple different areas of the department learning new things. She has spent time in the Chiefs Office, CSI, Training, and Records. She states her favorite part of the job is being able to work at the same place as her dad, as well as attending community events and meeting new people.

Her family is very active at their Church and the events that happen there. She also volunteers at the Topeka VA in one of the nursing home areas where her aunt works. The first time her mom took her to see her aunt at work she was only a couple days old and all the veterans gathered around her mom and aunt to see the baby. Her aunt called it baby therapy and she’s been going back ever since that day!

She comes from a family where law enforcement runs in the family from TPD, Sheriff, and Corrections. Since the day she decided that this is what she wanted to do with her future, her whole family has been very supportive and encouraging. She says she may not be the first Cochran to be a police officer, but she will be the first female in the family to be a police officer!

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