Week without Violence Campaign

The Topeka Police Department is joining with the YWCA for this weeks ” Week without Violence”- the YWCA says on their blog (http://www.ywcablog.com/2017/10/10/week-without-violence-join-us/#sthash.Y1howzow.dpbs)

“The numbers are staggering. We all already know this. One in four women will become a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. Every two minutes someone is sexually assaulted. One in three women experience gender-based violence. It is long past time that we change this — and you can help create a culture where gender-based violence is no longer a reality. This Domestic Violence Awareness Month, join YWCA from October 16 to 20 for Week Without Violence and make a difference.”

Make a difference- join with the TPD in the activities throughout the week.

Attempt to Identify- Hit and Run

On October 7th 2017 the subject shown below was involved in a Hit and Run Accident at Walmart located at 1301 SW 37th Street Topeka Kansas. The Topeka Police Department is asking for assistance in identifying this subject.

Any information on this subject please Email the TPD Criminal Intelligence Unit (criminalintelligence@topeka.org) or TPD Officer Justin Joyce (jjoyce@topeka.org) Or contact Crime Stoppers 785-234-0007

TPD Bike Unit measures for Kansas Bike Law

The current Kansas law regarding vehicles passing bicyclists states you must stay at least 3 ft- or 36″ to the left of the cyclist. With many concerns to the TPD of passing vehicles at much closer distances than 36″ we decided to check as well.
On Oct 13th during a 2 hour period of known high traffic on 10th st- the TPD Bike unit conducted a 3-foot law enforcement operation. This was done utilizing a 3-foot device on loan from the Kaw Valley Bike Club and the Topeka Community Cycle Project.
An officer wearing regular clothes rode a bike equipped with the device and was passed by approximately 300 vehicles during the operation.
The closest measured passing distance recorded was 56” by two separate cars. The maximum distance that is recorded by the device is 77” and a large majority of the vehicles that passed did not even register inside that 77” window. Only an estimated 50 vehicles of the approximate 300 passing vehicles passed between 77” and 56.”
We appreciate motorists seeing cyclists and giving them the room needed to safely move along their way. Thank you Topeka!!