TPD Citizens Academy learned about Dispatch,Records and CIT

Do you know how many 911 calls come into the SCECC every year? In total about 250,000. 130,00 on average for TPD alone!
Did you know TPD Records has at anytime about 5500 warrants on record? How about that our Behaviorial Health Unit, which pairs a specially trained officer and a mental health worker, is unique to the TPD and the area?
Our Citizens Academy participants know! Session three included presentations from our Consolidated Dispatch Center (Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office) Records Division and Behavioral Health Unit.

TPD Citizen Academy Ambassadors

Training never stops! Not for officers and not for our Volunteers and Ambassadors- Last night the TPD Citizens Academy Ambassadors were with Topeka Fire at Station 11 learning about their specialty in Technical Rescue. And what is better than listening to a presentation? Being part of it! Some of our Ambassadors participated in demonstrations of how certain rescue equipment works. Thanks to TFD #11s for the great night of training!

Want to know more about being a TPD Citizens Academy Ambassador? Taking the Citizens Academy is the first step- Spring 2018 will be starting in February- look for opening dates for applications.

TPD Animal Control Unit hosts Train the Trainer from ACTS

ACTS is an acronym for Animal Control Training Services.  Director John Mays established ACTS in 2013.   ACTS has long recognized the inherent risk and danger associated with the animal control profession.   ACTS training is specific to animal control officers focusing on officer safety and professional service.  ACTS mission is to develop ACO’s to become leaders in the animal control profession.  ACTS is unique to other types of training in that they offer real life, practical, no-nonsense training to ACO’s.

In attendance on Aug 3, 4 were 10 ACO’s including our TPD and those from Missouri, Alabama, Iowa, Oregon, and Illinois.

TPD Explorers excel at Tulsa regional competition

This weekend it was the TPD Explorers turn to travel to a Law Enforcement Competition. A contingent of Explorers and Advisors (TPD Officers) are in Tulsa,OK for a regional competition.
How are they doing so far? Having fun for sure!
The Post Major (yes, they have a rank structure too) was asked to do an interview for the local FOX news station in Tulsa- and did a GREAT job.
And for events so far? Our Explorers worked through an “officer down emergency” call and a Crime Scene. In both events the judges, who are Law Enforcement Officers from the Tulsa area- said our Explorers were “Awesome and did an incredible job”- Of course 🙂 they are part of the TPD!

TPD to begin 41st Citizens Academy

Topeka Police Department is accepting applications for its 41st Citizens’ Academy
The Topeka Police Department will accept applications for its 41st Citizens’ Police Academy. This is the 21st year the department has offered this popular program!
Classes are held Wednesday evenings from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. beginning August 2nd, 2017. There are two optional sessions : for a tour of the Shawnee County Department of Corrections ,and a FUN DAY to allow participants to experience the firearms range and demonstrations from the K-9 Unit, as well as participating in a simulated Shoot/Don’t Shoot scenario training. Upon completion of the course participants will graduate with a certificate of attendance.
Citizens attending will be exposed to the problems and challenges faced by law enforcement and learn how their police department meets those challenges. Participants will learn about various aspects of the Police Department including field operations, investigative divisions, crisis negotiations, bomb disposal, crime scene investigation, crime prevention, school programs and much more!
If you or anyone you know, who is over 18 years of age is interested in attending, contact Liz Toyne at (785)368-9237. Media are also invited to participate in these classes. There is limited space available and seats fill quickly, so turn your applications in soon!
Applications can be picked up at the Topeka Police Department or downloaded from the City of Topeka web site at’s-Academy.aspx and mailed to:
Topeka Police Department
Attn: Liz Toyne – Citizens’ Academy
320 S. Kansas Ave, Ste 100
Topeka, Kansas 66603

TPD Academy- week 14

First you learn in the classroom, maybe you talk about it then you show what you know through practical application. Our recruit class is being put to the practical test this week on the topic of collection and preservation of evidence.

Knowing how and where to find fingerprints- using dust to bring them to the surface- tape to pull the prints off of a surface and then onto a card for further identification.