TPD Citizens Academy -collaborating with Community Organizations

The last Citizens Academy session before graduation- how fast the time flies- we have learned so much, made new connections and decisions to take a step towards volunteering with the TPD!
Tonight was our partner agency night and we heard from Safe Streets Coalition , Center for Safety and Empowerment – YWCA Northeast KansasLifeHouse Child Advocacy Centerand Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries– Street Outreach Team- There is always collaboration and partnership going on in our community- its the only way to increase safety and reduce crime- together

Asking for the community’s help on this one:

Topeka, we care about you- we are here night and day to help someone through the worst times of their life- we partner with community agencies, organize and are involved in youth programs, give community presentations, share a cup of coffee with you- and all of that good can be torn down in a blink of an eye with bad press- not the mainstream media(stand down media friends)- but bad social media-
in this case- an entire FAKE FACEBOOK page- and the person seems to relish in the controversy he/she creates.
The page has been reported more times than we can count-FACEBOOK has differing interpretations than we do.

Please, we ask you to block and/or remove the page from your likes. Do not share any criminal information with the imposter page. Share this information with those you know-

Look at the @name for the page:

Topeka Police’s official handle for their page is “@topekapolicedepartment.”

We thank you for continuing to let us know when you see/read something that makes you question things- we will continue to let you know the “REAL DEAL”
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TPD Explorer Post welcomes new members, promotes and says goodbye

TPD Explorer Post said their goodbyes Monday evening to Explorer MAJOR Kennedy Horacek as he “retired” from the program. Chief Kramer and Deputy Chief Scott were on hand to congratulate him on the work he has done with the program.
On to promotions within the program- LT Delaney Block was promoted to new Explorer MAJOR
SGT Tanner Stickelman was promoted to the rank of LIEUTENANT
and Explorer Dylan Dreher was promoted to the rank of SERGEANT
The Explorer Post also welcomed EIGHT (8) new Explorers into the ranks-
Congratulation to all new, promoted and retired members of the TPD Explorer Post.
Want to know more about Law Enforcement Exploring? Check it out here:
and on Youtube

TPD Bike Unit measures for Kansas Bike Law

The current Kansas law regarding vehicles passing bicyclists states you must stay at least 3 ft- or 36″ to the left of the cyclist. With many concerns to the TPD of passing vehicles at much closer distances than 36″ we decided to check as well.
On Oct 13th during a 2 hour period of known high traffic on 10th st- the TPD Bike unit conducted a 3-foot law enforcement operation. This was done utilizing a 3-foot device on loan from the Kaw Valley Bike Club and the Topeka Community Cycle Project.
An officer wearing regular clothes rode a bike equipped with the device and was passed by approximately 300 vehicles during the operation.
The closest measured passing distance recorded was 56” by two separate cars. The maximum distance that is recorded by the device is 77” and a large majority of the vehicles that passed did not even register inside that 77” window. Only an estimated 50 vehicles of the approximate 300 passing vehicles passed between 77” and 56.”
We appreciate motorists seeing cyclists and giving them the room needed to safely move along their way. Thank you Topeka!!

Community Partnership for Bicycle Locks

Once upon a time, not that long ago, 2 girls were seen leaning their bikes up against a wall and going in to eat at Tortilla Jacks, sitting by the windows.
When asked, they said they didn’t have bike locks and had to sit by the window to make sure their bikes were safe- that’s a problem!
But Tortilla Jacks owner Naomi Kelly had an answer. Partnering with the Topeka Police Department bicycle unit- over 200 bicycle locks were purchased to help.
Our Bicycle Officers will provide bicycle locks to children they encounter through their day who could benefit from a lock.
Thank you to Tortilla Jacks Naomi Kelly!!
This is the essence of community and police working together to tackle a problem.~ and they all lived happily ever after~

Notification of FAKE/IMPOSTOR Topeka Police Department FACEBOOK page

BE AWARE of Fake FACEBOOK account :
The Topeka Police Department has been notified of an impostor account as seen below- it looks very much like our official page however it is important to note the “handle” of the page. Our official page is @topekapolicedepartment.
The IMPOSTOR account is @TPD911 and should be blocked or removed from anyone who follows the official page. PLEASE do not send any criminal information to this IMPOSTOR page. The TOPEKA POLICE DEPARTMENT has reported this impostor page to FACEBOOK awaiting a response.
hey- Jesson Garcia– we may want to talk to you

Know when to stop for a school bus

Surely you know it is ILLEGAL to pass a STOPPED School bus with its STOP sign out and all lights flashing????

But…when do you stop and when do you not have to stop? Whenever the road is open lanes, undivided to traffic you are required to stop- if the road is divided and you are traveling the opposite direction of the school bus which is stopped- you would not have to stop.