KDOC has donation drive for children and TPD

The Kansas Department of Corrections recently held a donation drive amongst their employees. The goal was to provide basic care items, blankets and some toys to children who may, through circumstances outside of their control, find themselves at the police station in a hurry or for an extended period of time.

Today, Hope Burns from KDOC was met by several TPD Commanders to receive the wonderful donations gained through the drive.

The TPD and the children say thank you!

OK program students put best foot forward

The OK Program of Topeka has been highlighted before because it is doing amazing things- TPD OFC Bell is currently the coordinator and has a large group of community men who dedicate their time and skills to mentor the students in the program.
How is that working? the program works with approximately 40 boys in middle school. There is criteria to enter the program and OFC Bell has found those that have participated have improved in nearly every area of school and personal life! Grades have been raised, school discipline has gone down and the mentors can begin to see pride in each young man.
So much that recently the group of students told the mentors they wanted to learn how to dress professionally, beginning with how to tie a tie. It has gone far beyond that now- not only have they learned how to tie their ties, but dress shirts have been donated to the group and so have haircuts! They are exuding confidence and pride now and there is nothing stopping them from accomplishing any goal they set before them-wonderful things are happening!

TPD gives a little Christmas spirit

For 19 years Party with a Purpose, out of Christ the King Church, has adopted families for the Christmas season. This year, in partnership with the United Ways Christmas Bureau- they adopted 56 families specifically tied to Topeka’s Pine Ridge Prep school.

Within those families was a little boy who wants to be a police officer. What better way to deliver Christmas than by police motorcycle?  So-the TPD motorcycle unit showed up on his front step- and what he opened was a dream come true- a police uniform with his name on it!

So very cool to not only have your own uniform but to sit on a police motorcycle with real motorcycle officers-

Great to meet you Officer KJ!

42nd TPD Citizens Academy begins soon!

Topeka Police Department is accepting applications for its 42nd Citizens’ Academy


The Topeka Police Department will accept applications for its 42nd Citizens’ Police Academy.  This is the 21st year the department has offered this popular program!


Classes are held Thursday evenings from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. beginning February 8, 2018.  There are two optional sessions : for a tour of the Shawnee County Department of Corrections ,and a FUN DAY to allow participants to experience demonstrations from the K-9 Unit, as well as participating in a simulated Shoot/Don’t Shoot scenario training.  Upon completion of the course participants will graduate with a certificate of attendance.


Citizens attending will be exposed to the problems and challenges faced by law enforcement and learn how their police department meets those challenges. Participants will learn about various aspects of the Police Department including field operations, investigative divisions, crisis negotiations, bomb disposal, crime scene investigation, crime prevention, school programs and much more!


If you or anyone you know, who is over 18 years of age is interested in attending, contact Maria Torrez Anderson at (785)368-9237. Media are also invited to participate in these classes.  There is limited space available and seats fill quickly, so turn your applications in soon!

Applications can be picked up at the Topeka Police Department or downloaded from the City of Topeka web site at https://www.topeka.org/tpd/Pages/Citizen’s-Academy.aspx and mailed to:


Topeka Police Department

Attn: Maria Torrez Anderson – Citizens’ Academy

320 S. Kansas Ave, Ste 100

Topeka, Kansas 66603

Boy Scout Troop tours the LEC

Had a great time with local Boy Scout Pack #3 as we toured the Law Enforcement Center. Chief Cochran greeted them at the beginning and their tour closed out with our K9 and Bomb units providing a short demonstration- cool things! Would your organization like a tour of the LEC? You can download, fill out and send in a tour request here:  https://www.topeka.org/tpd/Documents/TourRequestForm.pdf  

KU Public Management Center graduates 2 TPD from Law Enforcement Leadership Academy

the 4th Class of the partnership between the University of Kansas Public Management Center and the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center graduated after a one year program.
TPD was there to congratulate 2 of our own- LT Jennifer Cross, currently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau and LT John Sturgeon, currently assigned to the Administration Bureau. Congrats to both LT’s!

TPD promotes two to Sergeant

Congratulations to TPDs newest SERGEANTS!!
DET Willie Wilkins and CPL Mike Burns-
In this promotional ceremony the Officer is asked to bring their spouse, significant other or person of choice in their life to the front. The Chief will present the officer with their new Badge and congratulate them. However, it is not just the officer that has worked hard for this promotion!
The family member has worked hard, fought hard and sacrificed much in order for the officer to be successful. The family member pins the new badge and rank on the officer and the Chief presents a certificate thanking them for their sacrifices and support.