Beyond the Badge – OFC. Gene Dixon

Beyond the Badge – OFC. Gene Dixon

OFC. Dixon grew up in Chanute, Kansas and after graduating high school went on to play football at Butler County Community College. He came to Washburn University to finish up his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology.

He joined the Topeka Police Department in 2008 where he has served in Patrol, as an FTO, and for the past four years he has served as the School Resource Officer at Landon Middle School. OFC. Dixon has earned a Challenge Coin for educating the public, and two Chief’s Coins for going above and beyond the call of duty. He says the best part of being an SRO is the interaction with the kids, which tends to bring out the kid in himself. He’s glad for the opportunity to teach the kids to be productive members of the community and to have respect for law enforcement.

In his free time, OFC. Dixon still enjoys playing sports and coached football at Landon for two years. He enjoys running and working out, riding motorcycles, and playing the guitar. But he says what he loves more than anything is spending time with his wife and family.

OFC. Dixon is a huge asset to our department and the community as a whole and we thank him for his dedication and service!img_7676

Beyond the Badge – DET Ed Keller

Beyond the Badge – Detective Ed Keller

DET Ed Keller was born in St. Louis, Missouri into a family with a long history of working in the medical field. DET Keller instead chose to focus on Criminal Justice, graduating with a degree from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and then going on to earn a master’s degree in Computer Tech. from Webster University. He also has an extensive history with the military, with over 31 years of total service and earned a bronze star.

He started with the Topeka Police Department in 1988 serving in many facets and departments throughout the years including time in the Bike Unit, Community, and Special Victims Unit as a Detective. Currently, he is assigned as the Emergency Management Homeland Security Investigative Director for the City of Topeka. He’s got a strong background in emergency management, serving in that role all over the world. He says he enjoys the work, knowing that he can help people prepare for and recover from disasters.

DET Keller has been married for over 30 years, has a son and daughter-in-law, and a five year old grandson he enjoys spending time with. In his free time DET Keller has run 139 marathons.
He’s a wonderful asset to our department and the city as a whole and we thank him for his dedication and servicekeller

Beyond The Badge – Officer Bryan Stricklin

stricklinBeyond The Badge – Officer Bryan Stricklin

Officer Stricklin grew up in Kansas City, Kansas and attended Wyandotte High School. After graduating, he played football for Highland Community College and joined the Army where he served for eight years. He is a member of the National Guard in Topeka, and deployed to Iraq in 2010 – 2011.

In 2012, he joined the Topeka Police Department and has served in patrol, as a Field Training Officer, and as a Community Policing Officer.

Officer Stricklin grew up knowing that he wanted to help people and is happy to be in law enforcement where he gets the chance to interact with the community, and hopes to affect the future of Topeka in a positive way.

When Officer Stricklin isn’t busy at work, he enjoys working out, lifting weights, and is a member of TPD’s Powerlifting team.

Officer Stricklin is a wonderful asset to both the department and the Topeka community, and we thank him for his dedication and service!


Beyond The Badge – SGT Robert Simmons

Beyond the Badge – SGT Robert Simmons

SGT Simmons was born and raised in Topeka, KS. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Washburn University and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Wichita State University.

He started his career with TPD in 2006. He spent his first 3 years in patrol on 2nd shift before moving on to become a Community Policing Officer. After about 2 years serving in that role he became the School Resource Officer for Chase Middle School. Shortly after that he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and spent 3 years back in Patrol working the majority of that time on 2nd Shift, and a short stint on 3rd Shift. He has since returned to Community Policing and is the Sergeant of the East Community Policing Unit and also supervises the ATV unit.

Over the course of his career he has served in many different roles. Currently he is in his 2nd year as a Field Training Supervisor. He has also been a physical training instructor for our academy since 2008 and a firearms instructor since 2013. He teaches Community Policing and Crime Prevention for our Recruit Academy and Citizen’s Academy and complete several other presentations for the community throughout the year.

Previously, he spent 4 years as an Advisor and Instructor for our TPD Explorer Post. He was a Defensive Tactics Instructor for 3 years, a recruiter for 8 years, and served on several different TPD committees.

He became interested in law enforcement at a very young age. There were several people and circumstances in his life that influenced him to pursue this career; towards the top of that list is his Dad. He taught SGT Simmons to always have great respect for our military and law enforcement and he knew early on that he wanted to enter a profession that he and his family would be proud of. He says one of the best parts of his job is having the opportunity to help people during their time of need, interacting with people in the community and being able to do something different every day.

SGT Simmons is a board member for the TPD Health Benefit Fund, and was also appointed by Mayor Larry Wolgast to serve on the Shawnee County Juvenile Corrections Advisory Board. He is currently an Adjunct Professor for Washburn University teaching an Introduction to Law Enforcement class.

Above anything else, SGT Simmons enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. In his free time he enjoys training and competing in powerlifting. He also likes to run, swim, and do pretty much anything else to help stay in shape.

SGT Simmons is an incredible asset to our department and the Topeka community and we thank him for his hard work and dedication!Simmons_Robert183

Beyond the Badge – Jim Green

Jim GreenJim Green is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Topeka, non-sworn with the Topeka Police Department and has been with the city since 2003. He attended Kansas State University and Washburn University and earned a degree in Education with an emphasis in Exercise Science.

He’s a State of Kansas Certified Emergency Manager, certified as a Logistic Section Chief, and as an Operations Section Chief, and is with the State of Kansas Incident Management Team. He’s a certified instructor from the Center of Domestic Preparedness FEMA in Anniston, Alabama and instructs Incident Command System, and the National Incident Management System courses to the city, county, and state employees. He’s also a certified Basic Life Support and First Aid Instructor for American Heart association for the past 13 years.

While working in Colorado with Mountain Rescue Teams and assisting on several wildfires he became very much involved with the Emergency Management process and started a career and training in the Emergency Management field. He’s been deployed and responded to the Limon tornados, Loveland mountain town evacuation, Castle Rock and Boulder wild fires, Colorado Springs flood, Chapman tornado, Harveyville tornado, as well as incidents and events here locally.

What Jim says he likes best about emergency management is networking with and the ability to help responders, outside agencies, and the community as a whole to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against all hazards our community may face. He also likes knowing that with each incident he learns something new which will make him better prepared for next time.

Jim is also a big sports fan and was the coach of the Kansas Koyotes for 6 years and won 6 championships. He was Coach of the Year in 2008, and when he retired from coaching, he could boast not only the fact that he was the winningest coach in the league, but that he sent three of his players to the NFL.

When he’s not busy at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. He’s involved in their interests and sports, as well as his church where he volunteers his time for local mission work.

Jim is a wonderful asset to this department and the community as a whole, and we thank him for his hard work and dedication!

Beyond the Badge – Officers Alexander Wall and Luke Jones

Beyond The Badge – Officers Alexander Wall and Luke Jones

Brothers and TPD Officers Wall and Jones were born in Ipswich, England. When he was very young, Officer Wall moved to Topeka with their father where he attended Hayden and Topeka High schools. After high school, he attended Washburn University and Mid-America Nazarene Universities where he studied history.
In 2008 he joined the Topeka Police Department saying he’d always had an interest in law enforcement, but it was the influence of the Gogian family that really encouraged him to apply. Since joining the department he has worked in patrol, as a Field Training Officer, as a Community Policing Officer, and is a member of the Peer Support Team.
He says the best part of being an officer is the community interactions. He feels that by gaining a better understanding of the community he serves, he has a better chance of making a real difference. It’s important to him to influence and make his community stronger and a safer place to live.
When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and brother, and especially golfing.

Officer Luke Jones remained in Ipswich, England with their mother until 2008 when he moved to Topeka to join his brother. It was at that time that he met the Gogians and although he had always been interested in law enforcement, they influenced his decision to join the department.
He joined the Topeka Police Department in 2011 and has worked in patrol, traffic, the Bike Unit, and as part of the PT Team. For him, he says working in law enforcement is a satisfying way to give back to the community he has come to consider his home. He enjoys that each day is different and allows him to serve in lots of different ways, especially being a part of the Bike Unit. He likes knowing that they are visible and easy to approach, and that it gives him ample opportunity to interact with the kids in the community.
When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and brother, and working out.

The TPD is grateful to the two brothers for all their hard work and dedication not just to the department, but the Topeka community as a whole. Thank you for your service!walljones

Beyond the Badge – Detective Claude Harrison

Beyond The Badge – Detective Claude Harrison

Detective Harrison grew up in Topeka and attended Topeka High. After high school he joined the US Army where he was a part of Operation Just Cause and received many badges, medals, and ribbons. After he got out of the Army he joined the National Guard where he served for five years.

In 1993 he joined the Topeka Police Department Reserves, and in 1996, joined us full time. Since then, he has worked in Patrol, Hit and Run, on the Defensive Tactics Team, and most recently in Detectives.

He says for him, being a police officer is a family thing. His dad was a Major with TPD, and when DET. Harrison graduated from the academy, his dad pinned his badge for him. From a young age, his parents and grandparents instilled in him a strong work ethic and deep respect for law enforcement. He says it’s very important to him to make his community stronger. He’s always wanted to protect others, stating that he has no tolerance for bullies.

When he’s not busy at work, DET. Harrison enjoys spending time with his family, practicing martial arts, and cheering on his kids in their various sports activities.

One of DET. Harrison’s favorite childhood stories is that he knew from a very young age that he either wanted to be a Police Officer or Spider-Man. Once he figured out he couldn’t be Spider-Man, he knew he would become an officer and we’re certainly glad he did. DET. Harrison is a wonderful asset to our department and the Topeka community. Thank you for your dedication and service!claude

Beyond The Badge – Officer Sarah Friedrichs

Beyond The Badge – Officer Sarah Friedrichs

OFC. Friedrichs grew up in Perry, Kansas and graduated from Perry Lecompton High School. Right after high school she began studying Criminal Justice at Washburn University.

In 2009, she joined the Topeka Police Department. Since beginning with the department she has worked in patrol, in the traffic unit, with hit and runs, and is a part of the Accident Reconstruction Team.

sarahOFC. Friedrichs says her interest in law enforcement began when she went on a ride along with her brother-in-law who was a deputy in Jefferson County. She enjoys that each day at TPD is different and brings a new challenge. Her favorite part of being an officer is meeting and helping people, and knowing she’s making a difference in her community. The best part for her is seeing relief on the faces of crime victims she impacts.

She’s currently finishing up her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. When she’s not busy at work or school she enjoys spending time with her husband (who is also a TPD Officer), their young daughter, and are actively involved in their church.

Officer Friedrichs is a wonderful asset to our department and the Topeka community, and we thank her for her service!

Beyond the Badge – Officer Robert Razo

Beyond the Badge – Officer Robert Razo

Officer Robert Razo grew up in California and moved to Kansas in 1994 with his family. He joined the Topeka Police Department in 2002 and has served in many facets such as on patrol, as a Community Policing Officer, in the narcotics unit, and as a Field Training Officer.

In addition to serving as a law enforcement officer, OFC Razo is also a 2nd Lieutenant in the Kansas National Guard with the 35th military police, where he’s served for over 10 years. Prior to that, he was a member of the Colorado National Guard.

OFC. Razo holds bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Corrections with a minors in sociology and psychology from Washburn University. He also holds an MBA emphasizing planning and control from Friends University, and is currently working towards his PhD at Trident University. In Business. He also holds a certification in Public Management and Leadership Training through The University of Kansas.

When he’s not busy at work or in school, he volunteers his time with the Kansas National Guard Association, Sheepdog Impact Assistance, and fundraising for natural disasters.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and his son who has Autism.

OFC. Razo is a wonderful asset for our department and community. Thank you for your service and dedication!razo