August 17, 2017

TPD Citizens Academy learned about Dispatch,Records and CIT

Do you know how many 911 calls come into the SCECC every year? In total about 250,000. 130,00 on average for TPD alone! Did you know TPD Records has at anytime about 5500 warrants on record? How about that our Behaviorial Health Unit, which pairs a specially trained officer and a mental health worker, is […]

August 16, 2017

TPD Citizen Academy Ambassadors

Training never stops! Not for officers and not for our Volunteers and Ambassadors- Last night the TPD Citizens Academy Ambassadors were with Topeka Fire at Station 11 learning about their specialty in Technical Rescue. And what is better than listening to a presentation? Being part of it! Some of our Ambassadors participated in demonstrations of […]

August 11, 2017

Know when to stop for a school bus

Surely you know it is ILLEGAL to pass a STOPPED School bus with its STOP sign out and all lights flashing???? But…when do you stop and when do you not have to stop? Whenever the road is open lanes, undivided to traffic you are required to stop- if the road is divided and you are […]

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